We train children to be global citizens and passionate about Japan.

CSAIS employs the Indian-style, English language CBSE curriculum and incorporates studies in the Japanese language, culture, and manners into this program. We plan to also offer other languages based around the native countries of the student population. One other feature of CSAIS is that the curriculum is about more than just having children sit in front of textbooks and pursue book learning, but also encourages them to engage with the city and people around them. We want children to feel confident in their own abilities and learn about their full potential.
By engaging with people throughout the city and guests who come to the school, as well as various forms of music, art, and traditional performance, the children gain a vital energy that will inspire them to pursue their dreams.
*CBSE curriculum
This Indian-style system of education emphasizes mathematics, the sciences, and IT, and enable children to develop new ideas themselves and actively take on issues of importance in their lives and those of others. This curriculum is widely considered around the world as the best educational system.

We are creating a school where everyone can grow up to become international citizens.

At CSAIS, children from India, Nepal, Japan, and all over the world study together under the vision that the world is one. We help them pursue mutual understanding and respect. We instill in children an appreciation of what they can do for the world and society at large, as well as the importance of having the conviction and motivation to achieve that.
We want to give children studying at CSAIS all the opportunities they could hope for, whether that is coming to love Japan and deciding to live here for a long period of time, returning home to their native country to give back, or perhaps pursuing a new journey somewhere else in the world.


Kunna Dash, founder of CSAIS, the sister school in India that has pursued many long years of academic excellence and international exchange, started by creating the Chandra Sekhar Academy in Puri, Odisha, India in 2004.
In Puri, where there was a greater emphasis on labor over education, the rate of school graduates was very low. Wanting to create a school that would help as many children as possible, Kunna Dash obtained the support of nine Japanese acquaintances who had stayed at his father’s hotel and launched the school. CSA began as an elementary school. Today, in 2018, it encompasses the entire range of primary education, from kindergarten through to high school. One unique aspect of CSA is the way it incorporates English-language education, Indian-style yoga, the Japanese language and culture, and more into one comprehensive curriculum. CSA students who learn about Japan then go on to think about studying abroad in the country or pursue a career at a Japanese firm.
CSA also acts as a hub to foster active exchange between India and Japan. In addition to enlisting the help of volunteer faculty and opening the program to study abroad students, we also pursue programming where people of different countries showcase their traditional culture and festivals to those from other parts of the world.


  • 104-1, Mukaijima Takabacho, Fushimi-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 612-8133, Japan Google map
  • 075-644-7333
  • csa.is.kyoto@gmail.com

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Kintetsu Kyoto Line 15 minutes walk from Mukoujima station